Chunk Men’s Clothing - The Epitome of Cool this Summer

The t-shirt can be quite simply overlooked these days due to its simplicity, yet this understated item is the new, affordable, summer wardrobe staple thanks to the guys over at Chunk. Forget the plain white tee, Chunk clothing offers a fun alternative with their innovative designs plastered on bright backgrounds bringing about a fresh, fun approach to fashion. The product line includes a wide range of t-shirts, polo’s and hoodies featuring original designs exclusive to Chunk intertwined with licensed brands including Star Wars, Danger Mouse and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A Giant Chunk of History

The company originally started out with the popular Haynes car manual illustrations yet have since branched out to the great beyond in the land of graphic t-shirts. Chunk was the first company to take on the Star Wars design and since the popularity of this design many other successful companies have followed in their footsteps. The contemporary graphics put a fresh twist on old favourites from books, comics, films and games. Modern adaptations of our most cherished iconic characters are a popular choice and are a must have for summer. The DJ Yoda t-shirt is a best seller featuring the Jedi master wearing a pair of silver aviator sunglasses with oversized ear phones draped around his neck. The result is a mish-mash of all your favourite cartoon characters with your favourite childhood memories.

A Giant Chunk of Style

The London based label, Chunk, has gathered a huge celebrity following since its launch in 2001. Its vibrant retro designs have been spotted on the likes of Justin Lee Collins, Mcfly’s Tom Fletcher, Prince Harry and many more. Chunk men’s designer clothes offer a breath of fresh air to today’s fashion trends together with a hint of nostalgic charm. Their detailed designs are infused with wit, charm and originality. Chunk men’s t-shirts with their funky graphics are extremely adaptable, perfect for every situation, their fun representations will take you from day time casual to going out to a pub or a club.

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The less adventurous types may prefer Chunk’s range of understated men’s t-shirts, bike polo’s and hoodies. The polo’s come in a range of colours with the traditional Chunk badges on the sleeves. The t-shirts are made from 100% cotton resulting in pure comfort and a flattering fit. The simple t-shirt has gone from being a daytime accessory to becoming the hottest summer necessity around.

5 Oct 2011