How to Pull off Wearing Colourful Mens Shirts

It takes a brave man to be able to wear colourful mens shirts and still look cool and there’s a fine line between looking super stylish and looking like an eccentric daytime TV presenter. There are a few simple rules to follow when it comes to colourful mens shirts which will have you looking suave and confident...

• Go for a check shirt

If block coloured mens shirts are a bit too much for your style but you want to add a different look to your wardrobe then go for checks. Checked shirts are very on trend and there are loads of different styles to choose from. Check shirts break up the colour so are a less daunting option than block colours. Many check shirts might not be smart enough for the office but they do look fantastic with jeans and a hoodie for a weekend look.

• Coordinate your colours

When you choose brightly coloured mens shirts you need to keep in mind what you’ll wear them with. Generally a black suit will go with just about anything and grey tailoring would suit a pink or light orange shirt in particular. Blues and greens are far easier to wear than more vibrant shades such as red so if you’re unsure start out with slightly brighter tones of coloured mens shirts than you would normally wear to slowly build up your confidence.

• Choose your accessories wisely

Bold colours speak for themselves so avoid jazzing up an already loud shirt with fancy accessories or other items of clothing. Cardigans in muted colours work well over most coloured mens shirts for a smart weekend look for example.

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27 Sep 2011