Get a Better Fit with Extra Long Mens Shirts

If you’ve been blessed with height and stand above 6 foot five or more then you will probably find you have a problem getting clothes to fit properly. Finding jeans and trousers to fit your long legs is not just the only issue though as shopping for shirts can also be a real pain as you will find that standard shirts fall well above your hips. No one wants to wear a shirt as a crop top so forgo the standard sizes and opt for extra long mens shirts instead.

The bonus of extra long mens shirts is they will fully cover your torso and allow you to comfortably tuck your shirt into your trousers for work or leave it hanging loose for a casual look. Taller men tend to have longer arms so with shirts especially designed to fit the longer body you can ensure your wrists are fully covered. If you’re around the six foot mark then you won’t necessarily need to buy specialist extra long mens shirts as you should be able to comfortably wear standard sized shirts. If you’re buying a shirt online make sure you check the measurements to be sure of a good fit and make sure the website you choose accepts returns so that if you try the shirt on at home and it just doesn’t fit right then you can easily send it back for a refund.

Extra long mens shirts are a fashion necessity for taller men to ensure you receive a snug fit from your shirt and a look which is smart and tailored instead of opting to buy a shirt three sizes too big so it fits in the length. Check out Reem Clothing for a huge range of smart and casual shirts available to buy online.

27 Sep 2011