Still an extremely young idea, gillets, or jackets without their arms, are fast becoming popular around the UK, with many high fashion outlets selling their own take on them. One of the advantage points for consumers is that they keep you just as warm as coats or jackets, but don’t feel as claustrophobic and give you much better mobility rather than being restricted with heavy, bulky jackets. Gillets are fast becoming a major industry in their own right, and with that, many new names are rising to the top of the fashion world.

One of them is Jack Orton; a company making jackets, coats, and of course, gillets, for the young fashion connoisseurs of today. Unlike many of their competitors, they aren’t a one hit wonder riding the tide of the gillets popularity, only to go bankrupt on a later day, they’re here to stay. With their branding becoming more and more recognisable with each and every passing day, Jack Orton is quickly cementing their place in the mens clothing world.

One of the top reasons for the company’s quick rise up the fashion ladder is their unyielding commitment to quality, while most other new fashion companies of the day are just out there to make a quick buck; Jack Orton actually values its customers and makes sure that they get what they’re paying for.

Even with the unique and intricate designs on their gillets, Jack Orton makes sure that not one stitch is awry, putting quality over quantity. It shows in the product itself just by looking at the Jack Orton gillets you can tell that it’s a quality product, made of only the best materials in the business some of which are premium materials previously only offered by the high fashion outlets of Paris and Tokyo.

Targeted at young men, Jack Orton gillets also have a few other things going for them as well: the most important of which is their brilliant design. Even the harshest critics in the fashion world have praised the design of Jack Orton gillets. With distinct features such as a contrasting coloured cut to the side, and a hex pattern layout stitched into the material there’s no way you could go wrong with them. Coupling that fact with the large variety of colours that they offer, you can be sure that you’ll be the centre of attention wherever you go in your Jack Orton gillets.

20 Jan 2012