Stand out with Original Geek jumpers from this newly launched brand. We all know that jumpers aren’t the most flattering item of clothing you may think of if you’re looking for an edgy, street smart look but Original Greek jumpers manage to pull off the stylish geeky look with no problem.

The brand Original Greek was launched in summer 2011. It was Louise Cliffe that fronted the launch of the Original Geek brand. Louise Cliffe, most recently given the nickname Wonder Women by actress Pamela Anderson is a British singer, writer, actress and model. Cliffe was the fourth runner up in Big Brother series which ended in November 2011.

It’s not always easy to move away from clothes that you’re used to wearing and try something different with your wardrobe, especially if you’re on a budget or don’t have the time for a full scale shop, traipsing from store to store. However, introducing new styles of clothing is pretty simple if you stick to classic colours, popular garments and quality brands.

The emphasis of Original Geek Clothing is put on ‘cool girls’ and ‘geek glasses’ this design is used throughout the whole of their clothing range including the Original Geek jumpers.

Some men wear the usual v neck and crew neck jumpers to work well and get stuck what to wear for casual wear as sometimes they can feel a little too formal. Instead of reaching for your favourite woolly crew neck jumper reach for your mouse and partake in a little online retail therapy and check out the latest range of Original Geek jumpers.

You might not think it’s possible that any jumper could offer much in the way of a different look but Original Geek jumpers do just that. The range of Original Geek jumpers epitomises the trendy and geeky look this brand is all about.

It’s always good to mix things up in your wardrobe and step away from your usual outfits and the range of Original Geek jumpers are guaranteed to make you look great without sacrificing any of your individual style but emphasising it instead.

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29 Nov 2011