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Blog Archive

Throwback Thursday

Last year saw the nineteen year of the clubbing world’s large scale outdoor event, Creamfields. The festival saw 60,000 ravers head to Daresbury Estate, Halton, Cheshire for the 3 day event starting Friday 23rd August.

12 Jun 2014 Read and Comment
Outfit of the week – for less than £100

Well we are week two in to the month and it’s been a long month so far for some of us but it is still nice to see that you are spending your money wisely and making sure you are looking good. As we explained last week, we will be doing this feature from now on to help you out a little.

11 Jun 2014 Read and Comment
Father’s Day Gift Guide

15th June 2014 is Father’s Day so let’s make sure Dad is treated to something special. After all who’s the person that is always first to rush by your side when you need help? Dad. Who is the one that always puts your needs first? Dad again. Why not thank the man in your life that has always been your hero by treating him to some everyday fashion essentials.

10 Jun 2014 Read and Comment
UCLA Clothing May News Round-Up

Every month we get the press and retail newsletter come through from UCLA and this month we thought we would start sharing it with you. There are some great stories from celebs seen wearing the new collection to new stores opening around the globe.

09 Jun 2014 Read and Comment

Women always talk about who their female idol is, who they aspire to be like, dress like and sometimes have an attitude like. However, finding that perfect celebrity who is held up to clothing brilliance is much harder than it sounds. Maybe this is why fewer men actually look to an idol for inspiration on how to dress and look good.

05 Jun 2014 Read and Comment
Hay Latin America @ Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

Last week Trinity Kitchen opened its doors to five new street food traders. It’s a fantastic concept to have 100% new traders every month ensuring there is always something new and unique to tantalise your taste buds.

04 Jun 2014 Read and Comment
Outfit of the week – for less than £100

The economy may be improving but we are all still struggling a little to get by and spending what spare money we do have on clothes may be considered a frivolous. However, we know that looking your best is important and especially when you work 40+ hours a week, everyone deserves to give themselves a little gift. With this in mind we will create a weekly outfit for you that will cost less than £100 to help you look amazing without it effecting your bank balance too much. We will try to give you a few options to pick from and they will all be interchangeable so you can create the look perfect for you style.

03 Jun 2014 Read and Comment
June Must Have

As the weather is starting to get warmer (although, not drier) we thought we would dedicate Junes Must Haves to the ever popular vest. There is so many different styles, colours and designs of vest you can get now there is no reason why most men couldn't wear one when the heat gets a little too much.

02 Jun 2014 Read and Comment
Exclusive News: Cuckoos Nest x Martinez Brothers

We have been stocking Cuckoos Nest for as long as we can remember but we didn’t expect to see internationally-famous DJ’s the Martinez Brothers loving the collection too. However, they were spotted in Rolling Stone magazine back in November wearing a Cuckoos Nest sweat. Since then the bothers have been spotted regularly sporting different designs from the SS14 collection.

28 May 2014 Read and Comment
Are you a Twitter geek?

According to US researchers: Twitter is harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol. It is a fact that the first thing most people do when they wake up is check their favourite social network to see what is going on in the world. Twitter is the one gateway into the world of celebrities’ lifestyle, it is stalking but legally.

27 May 2014 Read and Comment

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